No Remorse​

Comes and goes as it pleases

No remorse, no care for me

Down for the count I go

As I lay here in agony

Tortured hoping the pain will stop

Pain radiating and pulsating through and through

Glimpses of hope, soon gone away

The pain creeps up quickly and lingers

Severe as it radiates down, down, down

Numbs me but numbs me not enough

Close my eyes, that would be wise

Only if it were so

Sleep, pain…only to toss and turn

Medicine, oh no it is not feasible

Booze…yeah, only gives me the blues

That is not the answer

Out of options, nothing left to do

Silently suffer in agony

Patiently waiting for my victory

Here, helplessly growing wearily

Please, I beg, make it stop already!



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