Quiet the Noise

Listen, do you hear that?

Tap… tap…tap…

No time, always rushing to and fro

No time to think, keep busy

Time goes by quicker, almost done, keep going

The noise of busyness drowns out the sounds

Out of sight out of mind, they say… it works

It’s fine, it’ll be fine, it’s good

Chaos of life, of the world keeps it all at bay

BUT, for how long will these sand bags hold up

Awaken another day only to be greeted with it

Never fails, like clock work always there

Refuses to leave, refuses to stop, loss control

Taps get louder as hours, days go by

Mute it as quiet as can be, numbness fills

Neither here nor there, where, why?

Less painful not to feel, not to deal

Sometimes ready to fold, left unsure

Bluff to fool the psyche, is it so… can it be?

No looking, no peeking, out of mind out of sight, so they say

It only gets louder and louder with each passing day

To know what needs to be done, no strength

Allowing fear to rule, not so brave

Quite the opposite, wouldn’t you say?

To answer the loudness, the screeches Excruciating sounds gnawing away

Secretly pleading to escape the cage

Hands tied with nowhere to go, no way out

Not as it should be, change the narrative

Take the reigns, gain back control

Eye to eye is the only way to be free

Oh to feel free, heart no longer heavy

Shed the weight off the blades

Both will bleed, both will hurt, both will mend

Defer it no longer, too much time has passed

Too much wasted, sludge flushed away

Sometimes forever just isn’t forever, it’s ok

It’ll be fine, it’ll be ok, it’ll keep on

Flourish into a new creature, peaceful

Uncaged, unchained, free it be to fly

Old endings to shed, new beginnings ahead

Tough it may be, stronger it shall be



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