Time’s ticking


Creeping up, stealing fun away


Creeping up, stealing laughs away


Creeping up, stealing joy away


Creeping up, stealing love away


Creeping up, stealing sanity away

Neither here nor there

Stuck in a place that feels surreal

A place where there’s nothing I can do to make the hurt and pain go away

A place that I have no control

A place where my physical being wants to jump in, make it better

Incapable of such simplicity

My hands cuffed behind my back

All I can do is sit back, relax and attempt not to stress or worry of the days slowly drifting away

Time ticking as my brain sits within my cranium like a ball of mush

Memories continually fade away into the forgotten past

Thoughts sometimes twisted up like a pretzel

My head ticking down to zero about to explode any second now

At times feeling like I’m flying high above the sky

No one able to help

No way to speed up recovery

The sulci ball of mush in control

She has no mercy on me

Currently, life as I know it has been abruptly put on hold

What seems like an eternity won’t be I know eventually there will be an end to all this madness

The feeling of helplessness is enough to drive anyone mad

One cannot truly understand what it’s like to walk in another’s shoes until they have walked in them themselves

Tick…Tick time is-a-ticking


May 23, 2017

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