Heavenly Father’s Day

June 21st rolls around year after year

Celebrating fathers everywhere

The joy on children’s faces when they so proudly give their hero, their dad a drawn out card

The same joy I’d get every year giving my dad a gift

A gift that I’ll never be able to give again

If I could only send a message to heaven and see my dad’s smile once again

If I could only give him a ring and chat for a bit

If I could only squeeze him again and feel safe in his arms

If I could only ride one more drive with him

If I could only buy him one more gift

I would, without a shadow of doubt

The first man in my life who loved me

The man who instilled love, kindness and compassion into my heart

The man who taught me life lessons

The man who taught me to be strong and independent

The man I’ll always and forever love and miss

My heart aches even still today for this man

The man I so proudly call Dad, not here in flesh but in spirit

For I know you are always with me

I often wonder what Father’s Day is like in heaven

I hope it’s as beautiful as your soul

As happy as you were when you gave that first haircut to all the kids

As elated as the evening your first grandson was born

I’d like to believe it’s an elegance like no other

A beauty so grand that leaves you in awe

To you I send a heavenly Father’s Day message

Always and forever in my heart

Happy Father’s Day Dad!!



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