Vulnerable to Love

Cowardly, it hunts the vulnerable. Gains trust with charm, knowing all the right things to say.

Out on a prowl scowling about. Filled with excitement for the pain it yearns to cause.

The enjoyment awaits, the satisfaction of luring you in.

Just enough time to serve sweet nothings only to soon tear it away. Ripping your heart out, squeezing all signs of life.

Throbbing, struggling and gasping for air.

Tearing piece by piece ever so slowly.

Just when relief seems to be surfacing, quickly mistaken. Stomping, poking, prodding, stabbing.

Being sure to take its sweet time. Fulfillment at the expense of the vulnerable.

Backed into a corner all exposed with no where to hide.

No other choice other than to endure the excruciating pain set before.

A pained and broken reflection, no longer recognizable.

All banged, bruised and cut up. Pieces here and there, scattered about, drained out.

Scarred and protected, be it forever.

Feel the tearing of pieces, broke and robbed of warmth and sincere love.

True happiness stripped away, into the abyss gone forever.

To mend, it shall with time.

Left lingering, how long til’ hurt is no more?

Once before, being(self) never to return

Anew broken, changed forever, being (self)never the same.



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