Simple Pleasures

We go through every day rushing around, making a living, providing for our families….just living. Most people go through life so fast they forget to slow down and enjoy life. Usually, the last thing we think about is that this life will one day forever be gone. Slow down, smell the flowers in bloom, take a deep breath in of the fresh brisk air, enjoy the summer’s sun hitting your skin, the sight of the shapes of clouds, the sound of birds chirping, the bees buzzing, the crickets as the day has turned to dark, admire the way the trees transform from season to season, enjoy a walk, let out a laugh, give someone a smile, joke around, be silly and take that trip that you’ve been putting off. One day we will leave the people we care and love behind. Allow your inner child to live every once in a while. So don’t take life so serious all the time.

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